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Welcome to the page with various examples of layouts.

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For the 4 Voices Annual report was important to reach several goals.

1. To show how the charity activities help the community
2. Involve the audience emotionally
3. Attract new donators and volunteers. 

Annual report 2023 online_Page_08.jpg
Annual report 2023 online_Page_39.jpg

I added links to web and social media to make an online version more interactive. The user can easily watch the related videos, social media, or go to website.


The printed variant was designed as spreads, where both of pages worked as one composition.
It was made to create the wholesome comprehension of the message.

portfolio-site-19 copy.jpg
portfolio-site-18 copy.jpg

In the other project the goal was to give a new life to an old book, so that provoke the interest to a modern audience, make them reopen it and find new senses. The old fashioned illustrations were animated with pinch of colour and tossed with a new modern layout.

portfolio-site-20 copy.jpg
portfolio-site-21 copy.jpg


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

0423 193 923

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